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What is mcMMO?

mcMMO is a level-based plugin that gives extra bonuses for leveling up skills within mcMMO. It is most like games where if you grind something, you get bonus perks to doing it. In addition to being able to level up skills in mcMMO there are also parties within mcMMO that allow you to share xp within a party. A useful command to see all mcMMO commands is /mcmmo help .

What are the skills available for mcMMO on the server?
The skills currently enabled on the server in Alphabetical order are: Acrobatics, Alchemy, Archery, Axes, Excavation, Fishing, Herbalism, Mining, Repair, Salvage, Smelting, Swords, Taming, Woodcutting. You can see what a skill does by doing /(skillname) to get your mcMMO level in that skill plus your current bonuses from that skill.

How can I turn off mcMMO abilities?
You can turn off Mcmmo abilities by doing /mcability .

How can I see the top Mcmmo level?
You can do /mctop (1-10000) to view the top players in mcMMO. For any individual skill you can check at skill by doing /mctop (skillname) (1-1000) or if you just want top ten /mctop (skillname)

What are Mcmmo parties?
An mcMMO party is a group of players that decide to join together. All players in a party are immune to hitting each other. Parties allow for the sharing of mcMMO xp with all members of a party nearby. You can see who is in your party by doing /party or /party info . Parties can be formed by doing /party create (Name of party).

A player can be invited to a party by doing /party invite (playername) The way a player accepts a party invite is doing /party accept . A leader can kick a member of the party by doing /party kick (playername). A party leader can make another person a party leader by doing /party leader (playername). A party leader can disband the entire party is by doing /party disband .

A party leader can allow anyone to join the party by doing /party unlock , or if they want it to remain locked can do /party lock . A player can leave a party with /party leave . A player can see some party command with /party help .

What is Party level?
Party level is the level of the party that allows what features can be used. Party level is increased by increasing the levels of mcMMO skills. The features unlocked by party level are:

Party Teleport- Unlocked at level two party can be used by doing /ptp (party member name) can be accepted by doing /ptp accept Note this requires to wait 5 seconds to teleport and is recommended to use /tpa (playername) instead.

Alliances- Allows two parties to team up. This requires level 5 party to unlock the alliance feature. The party leader can create alliance by doing /party alliance invite (playername) , This can be accepted by doing /party alliance accept . An alliance can be disbanded be either party leader by doing /party alliance disband . The party leader can check the alliance status with /party alliance

Item Sharing- Unlocked at party level 8. This gives party members that are within 50 blocks of each other the ability to share items that are mined or gathered. Like a person mining cobblestone will share it with multiple people. To turn itemshare on do /party itemshare . Item share can be turned off by doing /party itemshare none .

Xp share- Unlocked at party level 10. This shares all mcMMO xp within an area of 50 blocks. More members in an area the more bonus xp will be granted towards mcMMO skills. To activate xp partyshare do /party xpshare equal . To turn off xpshare do /party xpshare none .

How do I turn off ability notifications?
You can do /mcnotify to turn off most ability notifications. Note this is re-enabled whenever a player logs off and logs back onto the server.

In summary you can do to get any help by doing /mcmmo ? and doing /party ? and for any skill /(skillname) ? (page number) For a list of what any skill does and more information on what is going on. This concludes the overall guide.

Thanks for reading