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Swords is the combat skill for used when killing mobs and players. This is capped on the server at 350 levels at max.

Perks for leveling up swords:

Counter strike: Reflects 50% of all damage well blocking. The chance to counter attack is 0.05% per level of swords up to a maximum of 17.5% chance.

Bleed Chance: A passive ability to inflict bleed damage. Each tick of bleed does about a heart of damage and stacks up infinitely. The passive chance to inflict bleed increases by .1% per level of swords up to a maximum of 35%. The length of the bleed is increased every 250 levels up to a cap of 2 ticks per bleed inflicted.

Serrated Strikes: Inflicts bleed 100% of all hits during it. Serrated strikes can be activated by right clicking a sword then hitting a mob or player with the sword. It causes a sword to deal 25% more damage and grants bleed effect in area of effect and to any enemy for 5 seconds per hit. Serrated swords lasts for 2 seconds base and increases by 1 second every 50 levels up to a max of 9 seconds.