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Axes is a combat Mcmmo skill where you level it up by hitting mobs or players with an axe. On this server axes is capped up to a maximum level of 250.

Perks for leveling up axes:

Skull Splitter: It is an area of effect ability that allows you to hit multiple players. This ability can be activated by right clicking an axes in hand and hitting a player or mob. This ability lasts 2 seconds at base amount plus for every 50 levels of axes the ability is extended by 1 second. Since the skill cap is 250. The skill can last up to 7 seconds at most.

Crtical Strikes; This is a passive ability that doubles the damage dealt by an axe. Each axe level grants 0.05% critical strike chance up to a cap of 12.5% chance to critically strike with the cap of 250.
Armor Impact: This is a passive ability that increases the damage to armor by a base of one and is increased by 0.02 per level up to a max of 6 bonus damage to axes at level 250.

Axe Mastery: This passive ability increases the base damage of an axe by 0.02 per level up to a cap of 4 damage at level 200 axes.
Greater Impact: Another passive ability that has a 25% chance to deal extra heart worth of damage to any mob or player without any armor. It causes a knock-back effect similar to knock-back 2 on a sword.