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Fishing is the skill that gains xp whenever you fish. Xp is gained upon picking up a fished up item.

Perks of leveling up Fishing:

This is a skill that gives you a chance to pick up items from fishing. Like picking a record from fishing, or picking up diamonds. The chance of this occurring is dependent on level and it increases 125 fishing levels and caps at 875 fishing at rank 8.

Ice Fishing: Allows a person to fish where there is ice. It makes a temporary hole where the fishing rod is. This ability is unlocked at level 50 fishing.

Master Angler: Adds 0.20 bite chance per tick added to base level of fishing per tick. Basically this passive ability adds a higher chance to get fish faster. This is unlocked at level 125 fishing.

Shake: Grants a chance to get items from mobs by using a fishing rod on a mob. This has 8 rank levels that grants the chance of getting an item from a mob using a fishing rod.

1. Rank 1: 15% shake chance at level 0 fishing.
2. Rank 2: 15% shake chance at level 125 fishing
3. Rank 3: 25% shake chance at level 250 fishing.
4. Rank 4: 35% Shake Chance at level 375 Fishing.
5. Rank 5 : 45% Shake Chance at level 500 fishing.
6. Rank 6: 55% Shake Chance at level 625 fishing.
7. Rank 7: 65% Shake Chance at 700 level fishing.
8. Rank 8: 75% Shaek chance at 875 level fishing.

Fisherman's Diet: Adds one extra hunger bar filled when eating fishing. Is increased every 200 level in fishing by one full hunger bar. This is unlocked at 200 fishing and is capped at 1000 fishing. So, in a nutshell:

Level 200 fishing = 1 extra hunger bar filled
Level 400 fishing = 2 extra hunger bar filled
Level 600 fishing = 3 extra hunger bar filled
Level 800 fishing = 4 extra hunger bar filled.
Level 1000 Fishing = 5 Extra hunger bar filled.