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Taming is the skill that makes wolves better in combat. However, wolves are fairly buggy on the server due to limited ai. The skill can be levelled up by taming horses, wolves, ocelots, or attacking players/mobs with wolves.

Perks of leveling up Taming:

Call of the wild: Allows the summoning of wolves, horses and ocelots. To summon a wolf right click with 10 bones. To summon a horse right click with 10 apples. To summon an ocelot right click with 10 raw fish.

Beast Lore: Allows you to inspect the health of wolves and ocelots by hitting them with a bone in your hand.

Fast Food service: Unlocked at level 50 taming. This grants a wolf the ability to have a 50% chance to heal on attack and grants minor hunger boost to the player.