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Archery- The combat skill that enhances the use of a bow. Xp is gained by using a bow on mobs, or players. Archery on the server is capped at a maximum of 250 levels.

Perks of Leveling up Archery:

Skill Shot: Passive damage multiplier with bows. Each level grants 0.2% extra damage multiplier up to a maximum of 50% bonus damage.

Daze: Grants a chance to daze players grants the nausea effect and forces a player to look up. Daze shots to players also do an extra 2 full hearts of damage to a player. The chance of this occurring increases by 0.05% per level of archery up to a max of 12.5%.

Arrow retrieval: This passive ability gives a chance to get an arrow back that has been used before. Each level of Archery grants .1% chance to retrieve arrow back at a cap of 25% chance to retrieve arrows.